Petit Four Range

Description Available in boxes of 15 ( for Eclairs) or 18 pieces ( for Tarts) Petit Lemon Meringue Tarts: Golden Shortbread Pastry tart filled with a citrus lemon curd and topped with torched Italian Meringue Petit White Choc & Pistachio Tarts: Shortbread Pastry Shell brushed with white chocolate and filled with a light pistachio mousse and pistachio pieces Petit Passionfruit Tarts: Glazed Lemon & Passionfruit Curd in a sweet shortcrust pastry tart Petit Chocolate Mousse Tarts: Chocolate Mousse piled up into a shortbread pastry shell & drizzled with white & dark choc Raspberry White Choc Tart: White Chocolate Cheesecake in a Shortcrust Pastry tart flavoured with juicy raspberries Petit Tiramisu: Coffee soaked sponge finger biscuits in a pastry tart topped with a coffee flavoured mascarpone and dusted with cocoa Petit Apple Crumble: Shortbread tart filled with cinnamon flavoured apples, topped with almond streusel Petit Dark Chocolate Tarts: Golden Shortbread tart dotted with white chocolate and filled with a delicious dark chocolate ganache Petit Lemon Curd Tarts: Citrus Lemon Curd baked into a golden shortbread tart with lemon decoration Petit White Chocolate Tarts: Shortbread pastry tart filled with white chocolate ganache, dotted with dark choc & topped with chocolate curls Baked Berry Custard Tarts: Creamy Custard baked into a golden pastry shell with raspberries and blueberries Petit Profiteroles: Choux Pastry Profiterole filled with a creamy vanilla custard & dipped in dark chocolate Petit Orange Éclair: Pastry Éclair filled with an orange flavoured custard and dipped in pastel pink chocolate Petit Lemon Éclair: Lemon Citrus Éclair dipped in a yellow coloured chocolate Petit Dark Chocolate Éclair with Vanilla Custard: Crisp Choux Pastry shell filled with a creamy vanilla custard & dipped in dark chocolate Petit Latte Éclair: Delicious coffee custard éclair dipped in white chocolate & drizzled with dark chocolate Petit Pistachio Éclair: Choux pastry éclair filled with a pistachio flavoured custard, dipped in white choc & decorated with crushed pistachio nuts Petit Dark Chocolate Éclair with Chocolate Custard: Choux pastry éclair filled with chocolate custard & dipped in dark chocolate
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Quality Assurance

At Marks Quality Cakes we take pride in using the best ingredients everyday. Our products are made to the highest standard for your taste and enjoyment. We are proud to stand behind our brand and endeavour to ensure the highest standards in food production and safe food handling techniques as per our HACCP certification.