Description Boxes of 20s: Choc Chip Chunk , Dot 2 Dot,  Macadamia White Choc Chip,  Vienese Eclair                                  Boxes of 24s: Happy Faces or Smiley Faces Jam Fancies, Gingerbread Men, Yo Yo Salted Caramel ,Yo Yo Pistachio, Monte Carlo, Lemon Daisy, Yo Yo Vanilla & Florentines (Flourless)                                                                          In Box of 40s: Small Jam Fancies ,Small YoYo Vanilla                In Box of 60s: Small Choc Hazelnut wheels
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Quality Assurance

At Marks Quality Cakes we take pride in using the best ingredients everyday. Our products are made to the highest standard for your taste and enjoyment. We are proud to stand behind our brand and endeavour to ensure the highest standards in food production and safe food handling techniques as per our HACCP certification.